Conflicting information coming out of Taipei about Zenbo release date

Digitimes has suggested that the Zenbo is being targeted for a Holiday shopping season release date this year, 2016. According to that report, Asus was hoping for a September release date, with November being about the latest release date in order to get in on holiday shopping.

Now we are reading an article from Taipei Times that questions a 2016 release for Zenbo. In their article, they state that “No release date has been announced”. True, there has been no official statements by Asus. They go on to say that Jonney Shih, Asus Chairman, told reporters on the sidelines of the event that Zenbo might not make it into retail before the end of year. According to Taipei Times, Shih is quoted as saying, “still work to do and some adjustments to make”.

Up in the air best describes the current situation. I’m sure based on the overwhelming response to Zenbo, Asus is going to put even more resources into getting the kinks worked out so that they can get a 2016 release into retail. Stay tuned, this story is only developing from here.

[source: Taipei Times]

When and where can I order Zenbo?

Update March 17: Asus has just started the official Zenfone pre order phase in Taiwan. We have details here.

Okay, first we are just getting up to speed on the Asus Zenbo as it was just unveiled on May 30th. Trust us when we say, we are doing our very best to get you the answers regarding Zenbo pre orders.

Here is what is being reported which can provide some insight into when pre orders might begin.

Asus hopes to release the Zenbo robot at the end of September. That would be the most optimistic forecast however. The latest possible release date, according to a report on the subject, suggests November is the latest Asus will say right now. Obviously the key is for them to have the Zenbo on the market and in retail stores for the 2016 Holiday shopping season.

So with those target release dates in mind, it’s entirely possible that pre order could begin in July, but this is our best guess right now. One to two months prior to a product release is fairly common when it comes to pre orders. Based on what we have observed the demand for Zenbo could exceed Asus’ expectations and they may need to open up pre orders earlier just to meet the demand for the robot.

What we can say, based on our experience with technology products, that if you were ever to pre order a product, Zenbo would be the one you want to do it for. We are predicting that Asus has a smash hit on their hands and the question is whether they will be able to meet demand.



Zenbo is great for kids

During the unveiling of Zenbo, we learned some of the kid friendly aspects of the Asus robot. With app development there is obviously more than can and will be done in the future. Here are some of the highlights as laid out by Asus Chairman Jonney Shih.

  • variety of educational games
  • kid-friendly programming apps
  • smart tutor and learning companion
  • interactive storyteller
  • playtime friend

We’ve just launched!

No question this is an exciting time in technology. Robots and personal assistants? Yes please!

Asus is breaking ground here with an innovative product at a price that most people can afford. This is going to be exciting as things lead up to a retail launch.

Join us, we would love to have you along for the ride with us! We will cover all thing Asus Zenbo.