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When is Zenbo going to be released outside of Taiwan?

Currently, Asus has not given an exact date on a global wide release for Zenbo. This was recently confirmed by Asus CEO Jerry Shen on February 15, 2017 at an Asus investors conference. It’s clear that Asus first wants to ensure a good user experience. They will not be widely releasing Zenbo before that time. […]

Jonney Shih tells Engadget he hopes Zenbot in retail for Christmas

Richard Lai (Engadget):When can we expect this to hit the market? Jonney Shih (Asus): Christmas. I hope, you know, we can really deliver it to every household. That is our dream. When Richard Lai from Engadget asked the question about when we can expect Zenbo to hit the market, Shih explained that most of the […]

Conflicting information coming out of Taipei about Zenbo release date

Digitimes has suggested that the Zenbo is being targeted for a Holiday shopping season release date this year, 2016. According to that report, Asus was hoping for a September release date, with November being about the latest release date in order to get in on holiday shopping. Now we are reading an article from Taipei […]