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Zenbo available to buy in the US! Expensive, but this is a rare chance to get one!

[Updated Sept 4, 2020 with new purchase opportunities] This may come as a shocker to a great number of you out there. We’ve been getting a steady stream of email and messages asking the same thing. Where can I buy Zenbo? Well today, we actually have an answer! If you can handle the price, you […]

ASUS officially unveils Zenbo Junior – Details and Images

ASUS just took the wraps off Zenbo Junior! These images are literally the first ever seen! The image above shows the original Zenbo on the left, with the new Zenbo Junior on the right. The size difference is astonishing! The official unveil of Zenbo Junior was in Malaysia. We aren’t sure how to interpret the […]

Zenbo Junior will be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Information that we’ve come across indicates that the upcoming Zenbo Junior will be sporting Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Yes, this is a version of Android from 2015, but most likely ASUS will update as the robot is released. Having said that, having the latest and greatest OS inside Zenbo won’t be as important as having the […]

It’s Zenbo Junior time! Who’s ready?

We’ve all been clamoring for Zenbo news and frankly some of you have been disappointed with the waiting. Well, there is some news to report and its positive. How does Zenbo Junior grab you? A reliable source is indicating that a new Zenbo model is coming soon but it will be known as Zenbo Junior. […]

Insider suggests ASUS working on next generation Zenbo, but it’s a ways off yet

Do we consider this news as discouraging or not? A recent tweet from Roland Quandt suggests that ASUS is working on their next generation Zenbo robot. That’s find and dandy and not a surprise because tech companies work on the next generation of products once the current product is released. According to Roland Quandt, ASUS […]

Big news! Zenbo pre orders start in Taiwan NT$ 24,900 and ships April 1, 2017

This is big news. With an extremely model release in Taiwan, Asus is moving out of the cautious phase and into a true pre order phase. The listed ship date is expected to be April 1, 2017. What we can see (via translation) is that the personal customer care phase is over, so normal product […]

When is Zenbo going to be released outside of Taiwan?

Currently, Asus has not given an exact date on a global wide release for Zenbo. This was recently confirmed by Asus CEO Jerry Shen on February 15, 2017 at an Asus investors conference. It’s clear that Asus first wants to ensure a good user experience. They will not be widely releasing Zenbo before that time. […]

Taiwan Zenbo Event scheduled for December 21

Zenbo is coming to Taiwan officially on December 21st. We are just learning details and will update as we move towards December 21. We know that the date is set and now we will wait for release date, pre order and pricing details. Stay tuned and we will be updating this post as we learn […]

It’s December, so where is Zenbo?

“Sometime in December”, this is according to Asus Chairman Jonney Shih, is when the Zenbo will be launched in Taiwan. A product launch event is planned for December although there is still no set date. Asus came out with big aspirations for Zenbo. Their goal was to have it available in retail by Christmas and […]

Jonney Shih tells Engadget he hopes Zenbot in retail for Christmas

Richard Lai (Engadget):When can we expect this to hit the market? Jonney Shih (Asus): Christmas. I hope, you know, we can really deliver it to every household. That is our dream. When Richard Lai from Engadget asked the question about when we can expect Zenbo to hit the market, Shih explained that most of the […]