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Conflicting information coming out of Taipei about Zenbo release date

Digitimes has suggested that the Zenbo is being targeted for a Holiday shopping season release date this year, 2016. According to that report, Asus was hoping for a September release date, with November being about the latest release date in order to get in on holiday shopping. Now we are reading an article from Taipei […]

When and where can I order Zenbo?

Update March 17: Asus has just started the official Zenfone pre order phase in Taiwan. We have details here. Okay, first we are just getting up to speed on the Asus Zenbo as it was just unveiled on May 30th. Trust us when we say, we are doing our very best to get you the […]

Zenbo is great for kids

During the unveiling of Zenbo, we learned some of the kid friendly aspects of the Asus robot. With app development there is obviously more than can and will be done in the future. Here are some of the highlights as laid out by Asus Chairman Jonney Shih. variety of educational games kid-friendly programming apps smart […]

We’ve just launched!

No question this is an exciting time in technology. Robots and personal assistants? Yes please! Asus is breaking ground here with an innovative product at a price that most people can afford. This is going to be exciting as things lead up to a retail launch. Join us, we would love to have you along […]